Essential Knowledge about Sea Freight

The economical price is said to have come from the use of containerization, which is beneficial in term of increasing the volumes of the cargo. Sea Freight is a kind of transportation which focuses on transporting, moving or shipping commodities and goods between countries by sea.

The process is usually done with goods being delivered from factory or relevant places that produce them and then move to seaports to load in to the containers after legal documents fill in properly. This is by far believed to be the most efficient way to deliver goods and commodities across nations due to its economical price.

Sea Freight

Sea Freight Pricing

One may wonder about the rates of this kind of transportations. Fact to be told, the price that is normally used for calculating the cargo is measured by per cubic meter. So, the calculation is based on a minimum of the cargo. If it is not mistaken, the minimum is 1 cubic meter (m3).

Other than the m3, the price is also depending on the rate when the cargo arrives at the designated port in the specific country, because when it arrives at the local terminal, there will be some charges as well that needs to be paid.

That is why the precise number of pricing or the sea freight rate cannot be mentioned in detailed due to those different requirements at the local ports.

Types of Sea Freight Containers

Sea freight container are the devices that carry the cargo (commodities, merchandise goods, etc.). There are at least three types of containers that we know and those are dry cargo, refrigerated and special container which each has its own specifications.

The dry cargo container is designed for general cargo. Moreover, the different between containers on the dry cargo type is located only on the length of each container which is varying from 20’ up to 45’.

The second type which is the refrigerated container is designed for specific cargo. It means within this type of container, the cargo is limited to only those that need to be refrigerated during the shipping. That is why the exterior, interior, temperature control, weight and cooling capacity in this category are different that the previous one—dry cargo.

So far, these two sea freight equipment are commonly known to be used for export import purpose. Judging by the appearance as well, these two containers are rectangle in shape. A shape that is suitable to be put in a ship for shipping between countries.

The last type of containers is the special container. This type is commonly used for cargo with specific purpose. The purpose is not limited to export import business only, but wider.

Because within this category, the containers vary from the one which is used for storing liquid or as generators to another one that is used for hanging garment. Those are three types of containers.

Containers will be filled with valuable goods that are worth hundred thousands of dollars that is why you can find many services that offer sea freight tracking to track your freight shipment so that you know where your company’s containers are at.