How to Perform Box Jump and Vertical Jump Exercises

If you’re into exercising and you want to learn how to do a box jump and vertical jump properly, you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to provide you with full instructions which are well-written, clear and so easy to follow!
Once you’ve read our comprehensive guide, you’ll be able to master these exercises. As you probably already know, exercises need to be done with correct form in order to provide maximum fitness benefits.

With this in mind, let’s talk about what these exercises are and how to perform them perfectly! Both are quite easy to learn and both are very beneficial, as they help to develop muscle strength, muscle endurance, and agility. In particular, these exercises are great for those who play team sports, such as basketball or volleyball. This is because performing these exercises on a regular basis may help you to jump higher!

How to Do a Perfect Box Jump

Currently, this form of a jump is pretty popular as it’s a feature of some CrossFit workouts, and CrossFit is an incredibly popular fitness phenomenon. A box jump is a relatively simple exercise which is all about jumping onto a box! This type of exercise is of the compound variety and it requires the usage of multiple joints.

Crossfit Training Box Jump

This is a simple exercise, but it’s a challenging one, especially if you are putting at least 90 percent of your energy capacity into each rep. Most people who do expend this level of energy can’t do more than three sets of ten.

Now, let’s talk about how to do the exercise – naturally, you will need a box in order to do it. Be sure to use something which is stable and sturdy. There are boxes sold for such purposes – find them at Crossfit retailers or other sports gear retailers.

First, create your stance. You should be in an athletic position and your feet should be the same distance apart as your shoulders.

Next, prepare to jump by dropping your body into a ¼-squat position. After this, extend the hips, swing the arms and push feet downward in order to create enough momentum to jump up on the box. Jump on the box in order to complete the exercise.

Common Mistakes

  • Doing box jumps regularly is the best way to jump higher and reap the strength benefits. However, the correct form is essential. So, let’s talk about the most common mistakes to avoid. Once you know what not to do, correct form will be easier to achieve.
  • First off, some people do hard landings which are hard on their bodies. To avoid this mistake, try to land lightly, as a feline would, rather than doing a “stick” landing which is heavy and loud! It may take a little practice in order to perfect a cat-like landing!
  • Another error is failing to extend the hips during a jump. This lack of hip extension typically leads to a hard landing, so learning to jump with hips extended is definitely one of the keys to mastering this plyometric exercise.

How to Do a Vertical Jump

Begin this exercise by standing side onto the wall and then reach upwards, as high as possible, with the hand which is closest to this wall. At this point, think about how high you are able to reach. The height which you can achieve is known as the standing reach height.

Next, stand a short distance from the wall and jump up. Use each arm and leg in order to project your body upwards. When you follow these instructions, you’ll increase vertical jump. This will be useful for basketball training or in order to enhance performance in any sport which requires jumping. There aren’t a lot of mistakes with this exercise, as long as people follow the directions. It’s simple and straightforward but may require some practice in order to perfect. What is plyometric training?

These types of plyometric exercises are all about creating muscle tone and stamina via jumping. Plyometric exercises aren’t meant to be performed each day – instead, they are meant to be done a few times a week. This gives the muscles some time to rest between workouts. Another plyometric exercise is the broad jump.

If you want Plyometric workouts, you should be able to find plenty online. Some people look for workout videos which show perfect form in action (Click here for more videos). Since these exercises don’t require a lot of equipment, they may be performed almost anywhere. As well, they are known to improve athletic performance, so they are great for people who love sports and want to be the best that they can be.

Now that you know how to perform perfect box jumps and vertical jumps, you’ll be ready to expand your exercise repertoire. Our instructions are designed to help you master each exercise, with a mind to building muscle, strength, and athleticism.

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